Travel Guide: Korean Express Visa Processing

Adcel Faurillo

Korean visa processing usually takes 3 to 5 working days once the embassy received the application from their accredited travel agencies.  On my previous application,  it took 5 working days until I  saw my Visa was approved, and 3 days before I got my passport from the travel agency.

Since November 12, 2018, Korean Embassy implemented the "Express Visa Processing" for temporary visitor's visa.  Working visa, spouse visa, study abroad etc. are not included.  This is a fast track from a normal processing of 5 working days, and good for those who are in a hurry.

Express visa processing fee is $20 or PHP 1,000.  Visa processing is within 2 working days, excluding the application day or time that the embassy received the application from the travel agency.   Korean Visa Application Requirements including the Application for Express Visa Processing should be submitted together.  Please note that availing the Express Visa Processing doesn't guarantee the approval of visa.

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